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Apache Module mod_dialup

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Description:Send static content at a bandwidth rate limit, defined by the various old modem standards
Module Identifier:dialup_module
Source File:mod_dialup.c


It is a module that sends static content at a bandwidth rate limit, defined by the various old modem standards. So, you can browse your site with a 56k V.92 modem, by adding something like this:

<Location "/mysite">
    ModemStandard "V.92"

Previously to do bandwidth rate limiting modules would have to block an entire thread, for each client, and insert sleeps to slow the bandwidth down. Using the new suspend feature, a handler can get callback N milliseconds in the future, and it will be invoked by the Event MPM on a different thread, once the timer hits. From there the handler can continue to send data to the client.

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ModemStandard Directive

Description:Modem standard to simulate
Syntax:ModemStandard V.21|V.26bis|V.32|V.34|V.92

Specify what modem standard you wish to simulate.

<Location "/mysite">
    ModemStandard "V.26bis"

Available Languages:  en  |  fr 



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